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If you are a small business owner and your business does not have a mobile app, then you should really consider getting one.

Having just a website is no longer enough, simply put, smartphone apps have become a very important tool for marketing for small business owners.

Smartphone usage has been continually on the rise. It is said that the number of South Africans actively uses the internet grew by 1.9 million from 24.9 million in January 2015 to 26.8 million in January 2016. South Africans now spend more time looking at their mobile phones than they do watching television.

Studies have shown that the average person look about 85 times at their phone.

This rise in mobile-phone usage means that smartphone apps have become a key marketing tool for small businesses. Mobile apps increase constant engagement with your customers.

a Lot of people still think that getting an app is is very expensive and take a very long time as most small-business owners don’t have the expertise to build apps themselves.

Well this is untrue as we at Zanzi Apps offer complete solutions starting at only R 999 which can be delivered in 5 business days on condition that we have received all the necessary information from you.